A fair price for any content

Get more for your content.

Generate more revenues from your content

A fair price for valuable content

Get paid to remove ads

Readers who seek a better experience can pay to access content without the ads or with less ads.

Get paid for content

Charge a fair price to access valuable content.

Accept donations

Donation button on every free content page.

Try out the donation button yourself:

Recover AdBlock revenue.

Centify helps you detect adblockers and offer the choice to visitors to either deactivate the adbloker or pay for access content with less or no ads.

Control the experience.

You stay in control of your readers’ experience, Centify is just offering the payment processing. Your customer is staying on your website.

Effective conversion.

By starting to pay small amounts for content on your site, your readers start enjoying your service before eventually converting to subscribers, while generating more revenues

Easy integration.

Centify will provide you with the APIs necessary for an easy integration of the payment service in your content management platform.


No monthly fee, no initial cost, Centify will keep a small percentage as processing fees on the payments received. You pay only if the solution brings you new revenues.

Your customer, your data.

Centify will give you access to all the information gathered on your customer on your site through a Publisher console.

Get more for your content.